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Montessori Color Sorting Sensory Toy


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Your child will experience the joy of colour learning

Our sorting toy combines vibrant play with essential skill-building. Bright colours spark a child’s interest and bring a loof excitement. As they play, they improve their visual and analytical abilities. They learn to order and categorise things.

Enhanced Concentration – Focused attention is a skill that affects all areas of life. By playing, they gradually develop an ability to do tasks for extended periods. It is a lifelong benefit which will help them succeed in their studies.

Fine Motor Skills – Control over small movements is fundamental to a child’s growth. This Montessori toy provides an opportunity to improve them. With two options of pincers, children are encouraged to adapt their gripping techniques. This variety develops both flexibility and precision in their finger movements. Later on, they’ll perform better at tasks like writing or buttoning clothes.

Colour Recognition – Our sensory toy introduces kids to the bright world around them, boosting their knowledge. It also helps enhance visual skills, which are important for daily activities.

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  1. L

    Verified Buyer

    Great set that did not disappoint. Recommend!

  2. A

    Verified Buyer

    My daughter doesn’t always put the right colors in the right colored bowls, the Montessori toy helps develop fine motor skills, math, coordination through counting, sorting into the right colored bowls, etc.

  3. F

    Verified Buyer

    All parts are molded well. At first my son could not master the tweezers, with a lot of practice and determination he succeeded. You can play in several ways by matching colors or by matching pieces and counting them.

  4. H

    Verified Buyer

    My 3 year old son loves to fill and empty bowls and sort them by color, but I feel there are so many learning benefits. It is fairly compact too, so fantastic for travel. Thanks!

  5. I

    Verified Buyer

    The game is not bad, but my kids lose small elements quickly. Playing with tweezers, children develop fine motor skills. We are satisfied with the purchase!


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Montessori Color Sorting Sensory Toy